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About us

Innosil was registered in 2001 by the founder and managing director of one of the most successful and well known manufacturers of silicone products in the UK. The Innosil UK technical team therefore has unrivalled experience in the design and manufacture of silicone components. This is now focused specifically on medical and pharmaceutical applications through the company's Innosil range of premium products.

Specialist distribution

The Innosil range is distributed solely in the UK by a carefully chosen distributor network. By combining the unique, specialist strengths of Innosil UK and our distribution partners, our aim is to provide the best service available from any manufacturer in this market

The Innosil range has always been associated with innovation and the individual products reflect extensive industry knowledge. Our sales team is one of the most knowledgeable in the business. In 2001, the decision was taken to find suitable distribution partners to allow organic expansion of our capabilities. Together, the network is now recognised as one of Europe's largest suppliers of clean room and controlled area consumables and services, able to meet the most demanding supply and delivery requirements.

'Innosil UK was created to meet a substantial but

very challenging market need that no other company was fully addressing. Namely, the provision of high-grade silicone products specifically for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Because we focus exclusively on this sector, we can provide a uniquely high level of expertise and service.'

‘Whether you are looking to develop new market

opportunities, satisfy increasingly stringent quality standards, improve productivity or reduce your supply costs, Innosil can make a significant difference. By combining the strengths of Innosil and our distribution partners, we are able to provide the medical and pharmaceutical industries with a unique service.

Whatever your silicone requirement, we will ensure that with Innosil, a range of unrivalled quality, purchase is easy, reliable and cost-effective.’

Paul Hatton
Founder and Technical Director, Innosil Limited UK

Any of our distributors could state the following:

'In partnership with Innosil, we aim to provide Europe's most reliable source for pharmaceutical grade silicone products and a wide range of other clean room consumables. As a customer, you benefit not only from guaranteed supply but also from the support of our in-house teams of dedicated production, sales and technical personnel.'

Whichever distributor you choose, choose Innosil UK. The silicone range designed for pharmaceutical and medical applications.

About Us

Platinum Grade Silicone

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