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Innosil-Hygienic incorporates state-of-the-art moulding technology to produce crevice-free tube and hose assemblies thus discouraging microbiological contamination. The end terminations are designed so that the transferred medium contacts only silicone surfaces. The components are fully compatible with the 'no- touch technique' accepted throughout the pharmaceutical industry for assembly, cleaning and sterilisation operations.

Innosil-Peristaltic is manufactured using the same moulding technology as Innosil-Hygienic to produce the ultimate peristaltic pump assembly. End terminations can be moulded and machined to suit any peristaltic pump body currently available. All Innosil-Peristaltic assemblies are fully autoclavable and can be supplied with colour coding for easy identification.

Innosil-Single Lumen is always available from stock in a vast range of sizes. In the unlikely event that the size you require is not available from the stock list, we offer a custom extrusion and moulding service for orders of any quantity. Unreinforced Single Lumen tubing should not be used for high pressure applications. Instead use Innosil- Braided.

The Innosil Range - Single Lumen Tubing

Innosil-Braided for applications where elevated pressure capability is required. Available with either a Polyester or Nomex reinforcement, Innosil- Braided offers the same superb purity as Innosil- Single Lumen with a much greater pressure capability

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The Innosil Range of silicone tubing, braided hose and end terminations satisfies most requirements for medical and pharmaceutical applications. We are also pleased to design and manufacture custom products to special order.


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