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Quality-driven culture

As Europe’s most respected manufacturer of platinum grade silicone for Medical and Pharmaceutical manufacturing we cannot afford to compromise on quality and service. Our entire company culture is quality driven as shown by our assessment to ISO 9001:2015 and our pending accreditation to ISO 13485 (Medical Devices). Many of the pharmaceutical industry's own operating practices are incorporated into our workplace, including total quality management (TQM). A leading quality management consultancy, specialists in the pharmaceutical industry, ensures that we are always at the cutting edge of quality improvements.

Purpose-built facility

To eliminate any risk of cross-contamination, the purpose-built Innosil production facility runs only platinum-cured silicone for medical and pharmaceutical applications. Clean room conditions are periodically monitored to ensure that a Class 7 standard is maintained within a manned environment. The facility complies with Federal Standard ISO14644.1 Class 7, as well as FDA, MCA and EP guidelines for good manufacturing practice (GMP), and we constantly look to refine our processes in order to stay at the forefront of the latest developments in technology.


Innosil’s obsession with quality extends to our environmental performance.

We take the greatest care to conduct every aspect of our operation responsibly, and fully comply with the requirements of ISO 14001 1996 (Environmental Management).

Checks and audits

We don’t leave anything to chance to ensure that the Innosil range delivers the exceptional performance you need. Everything we do is rigorously checked and double-checked to ensure the final product consistently meets our own exacting demands, as well as yours. Traceability records are held for each order and should a customer wish to view the facility and records, this can be arranged. We are regularly audited by an independent quality assessor and we perform regular quality audits on our suppliers.

Partnerships with key suppliers

Materials for the Innosil range come only from

suppliers who are committed to continual product improvement and to achieving the highest levels of product accountability and traceability.


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Platinum Grade Silicone

For Medical or Pharmaceutical use

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